Thursday, August 19, 2010

TOTD: Tamara on lemming

So, the lady Tamara and I have been thinking of splitting some Tauer bottles. This is a difficult proposition because, well, I’ll let Tamara speak for herself:

What's goin’ on with me is that I'm in a torturous state with my perfumania; it is so hard saving for my Tauers.

Like, almost overbearing is my longing to get on to my next fix!

October is far away, I've been saving for a month already,  with no  samples, decants, mini's, nada.* SIGH*

And now with the sale going on at BeautyHabit (25% off till 8/13 type OPRAH at the coupon code box) ha.

I am lemming like crazy! I've gone back and forth , mumbling to myself about "Do I want this? How about this? No don't get anything!"

Like a damn crazy layday.

Here's what I keep obsessing over-

L'Artisan Verte Violette

Parfum Del Rae Mythique

10 Corso Como

and most of all Parfum d Empire! Aaaaggghhh!
Have you heard of this line?

I am wanting Cuir Ottoman (jasmine, iris,resins,leather, benzoin,balsams, incense)

Equistrius (orris, violet, rice powder,chocolate, ambrette,sandalwood, vetiver,grey amber)

and Osmanthus Interdite (green tea, osmanthus,citrus, rose, jasmine,musk and  leather )

Yumyumyumyumyumyumyum. Don't these sound delicious , just the notes alone?

And they all cost me my soul but.....who needs one?

I'm tellin’ yah dearie, I'm about ready to fold,

I am leaning over the edge and toying with idea of jumpin' headlong into my fragrance lust with a smile on my face..

But what of my beloved Tauers??

I'm so unfaithful when it comes to any perfume, Sarah.

What shall I do? I can still save again till Oct. I suppose.

I can just give it up, I have more FB than I really need.

  (we all do, that's not the point!)


I am in need of serious counsel my dear.

And yes I've tried them and gimmegimmegimme :P

Oh this is all just my fumeland life, I have another one entirely and THAT is good.

I guess I have to have some kind of problem around here.



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