Saturday, June 26, 2010

An amusing read!

robinhoodpyle IN my other non-perfumista life, I am writing a dissertation on the Robin_Hoodmedieval English outlaw  tradition, so this hilarious post over at “Geoffrey Chaucer hath a Blog” really tickled my funnybone this morning. Check it out, if only to marvel that this blogger writes everything in Middle English!

I think it is especially fun to think about Robin Hood in the summer months, when the leaves are green and the birds are singing, and it’s possible to imagine a happy life among the greenwood trees, living off the land and an occasional deer.

Question: is there a fragrance that captures the summer scent of a ferny deciduous forest? My go-to Robin Hood perfume (yes, I have one, why are you looking at me so funny?) is Wild Hunt, but that isn’t really high summer. Suggestions, anyone?


Images by Wyeth and Pyle, courtesy of the Robin Hood Project

lunar beauty (notes from my lunar insomnia)

1274922061985  Asteres me'n a?mfi ka'lan sela'nnan
a?^ips a?pykru'ptoisi fa'ennon ei?^dos,
o?'ppota plh'ðoisa ma'lista la'mphs
a?rguria ga^n.

The gleaming stars all about the shining moon
Hide their bright faces, when full-orbed and splendid
In the sky she floats, flooding the shadowed earth
with clear silver light.

(Sappho, quoted by Eustathius of Thessalonica in the twelfth century.) Tonight, I, the moon, and Bois des Isles sit silently together, looking out over an illuminated landscape.  Perfect contentm1274921786207ent and absolute restlessness vie with one another within my mortal frame. Just another sleepless night on the full moon.

My husband took a bunch of really cool photos of the full moon from my dissertation advisor’s country home in Danby, New York. As I sit alone, awake, tonight, I think it is quite a nice series. But then, I’m partial. Sleep well, all.1274921903663





Don’t let the bedbugs bite…..

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