Friday, June 18, 2010

tips for controlling your perfume addiction

403px-Midas_gold2 I love perfume. I want it. I want to own bottles of the things I love. I am coming to understand that these urges need to be counterbalanced by a little self-awareness and frugality. SO here, I present you with the rules I have established to keep my growing addiction in check.

  • keep your collection in plain sight of your household; if you are ashamed of your passion and feel the need to hide it, maybe you need to examine it a little more thoroughly.

  • make a monthly budget and stay within it—this is hard, especially when you run into a great sale.

  • never buy a bottle cold—I must sample the fragrance on my skin at least 5 times before buying. 

  • use the bottles you have. Don’t just let them sit there unused.


  • bear in mind that this is a collection—some people stock a cellar with wine-you choose to do the same with fragrance. No need to feel overly guilty about a legit hobby, but just compare your budget and use of resources with peers who collect other things.

  • only buy fragrances on sale, unless they absolutely never get discounted. But even the most costly treasures are discounted from time to time—for example—bergdorf goodman just ran a $25 off sale on all fine fragrance purchases over 100. It’s worth the wait. But then, also remember your responsibility to local retailers and smaller businesses. I try not to buy everything from big companies.

  • don’t sniff at the cheap gems. Some really great fragrances are yours for the having at only 15-20 bucks.

  • consider trading/sharing bottles with others.

  • Be nice and give things away from time to time to resist miserliness. four of pentacles

  • keep your collection organized. know what you have—This is harder than it seems, I think. 

  • own a representative bottle of each category of fragrance, and then stop buying in that category until you have used up the bottle. For example—I own Mitsouko for chypre, and try to avoid buying others, but then of course, I can always come up with a subcategory that I ‘need’


This is just an initial list of strategies. Anyone else have other recommendations?


King Midas with his daughter, from A Wonder Book for Boys and Girls by Nathaniel Hawthorne courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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