Thursday, July 1, 2010

Captcha nonsense fun!

487px-Jabberwocky_creatures As I’ve been hanging out on the blogosphere, commenting on posts and suchlike, I have been harvesting the more interesting captchas—you know, those things that interrupt you when you’re posting a comment to ‘make sure you are a human being.’ I love the way so many of them seem like they could really be words, could actually mean something. SO today, for your pleasure and amusement, I have put some captchas into sentences, some of which I find rather evocative, if I do say so myself. There’s no narrative here; each sentence should be taken on its own, although it would be interesting to try to write a story in captcha someday. Enjoy:

When the Whebe had been fully Ingolpen…..the Wheedl increased grossly in Wigth.

She was Foning him with her Nodlex.

Every hardworking housekeeper deserves an Enseter to soment the Wynkoop.

Cring the Polosmith crafted a Shlozorp with the Croofnh of his Moldha.

Hunting Niati and Conih was the great hero Barinson’s favorite Iggesig when riding through the great Fedacft of Juisiri, but he preferred to track the Distrat Tarbu when in Oprestog, where the monstrous Fooph lurks in the shadows.

Mimony is a Vicable sin, an unholy combination of Dicest and Bidsest, both of which are minor Pectivers

The lowly Joutmen knew their Jorla were Loyinge to them, but unfortunately, the Vidindom of Yterma’s legal system was so rudimentary they knew they would have no recourse to justice in the matter. So they resorted to the ancient and barbarian practice of Defulating under the Teersing in their impotent rage.

In the days of old, when the world was yet young, Doworte the Facewato fiessed in the Pandowe delta.

He was Mancoate with anger when she charged him 50 Zintesou for the steryo.

Watch what you say; my Uncla is a dangerous and accomplished Zolock.

The shy and retiring Uncepati hide in the green Unbres of the forest until twilight.

The courtesan wore a voluptuous Carnod made of the finest Vollors, tailored in such a way as to emphasize her magnificent zooti. A large and scruffy Ginge of pubescent boys followed her as she walked along the thoroughfare of Quataryt, saying flattering—if somewhat impertinent—things about her Whuma.

Avoid eating the Lichtne that grows on the Quityle stone—indigestion may follow.

Anyone else remember any particularly striking captchas? Have a great day


Tenniel’s illustration of the nonsense creatures –mome raths, slithy toves, and borogroves-- named in the first stanza of Lewis Carroll’s masterful  nonsense poem “Jabberwocky”


  1. This is so funny, I almost aspirated a mouthful of coffee while reading it. *squeegees computer screen*

  2. Tis my prazher to soitle you, my vladur! (NO, seriously, glad you liked them...)

  3. Mimsy was...

    Your musing has put a smile on this wayfarer's face. I have been known to add in my captcha to a comment when I find it particularly ridiculous or oddly connected...I do sometimes wonder who/what is generating them, and just what information of mine they can access in their meandering algorithmic mind/processor.

    Passed a semi-truck with a company name of "Falconer" on the side; we agreed that was best used as a given name for the misunderstood hero of a semi-sci-fi adventure novel. ("No, wait...we'll give Falconer 'til sundown...") The best was "Horseheads". I shall explain that in a post.

  4. My captcha for that, btw, was "paten"...patently boring...shiny head of a General. (pate/Patton)

    Like I said, not much to milk.

    WAIT...this one gave me "ductolo"...promising...

  5. Nice, I like the idea of Falconer, the difficult, arrogant loner hero....perfect!

    Horseheads is near me! And yes, a very weird/unsettling name

  6. What the rldahr of the qrwazeze?


  7. The above was supposed to be previewed first! Then the captshablabla happened..... and boom, posted without preview. Another try:

    What the rldahr of the qrwazeze?

  8. Fail... try again:

    Posting as onanistymous, da veri fani kapchya...


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