Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Perfume Riddle

Gustave_Moreau_005 I am introducing a new feature here on Hortus Conclusus, in which a perfume bottle sings a little riddle, and it’s up to you, dear readers, to guess which bottle of perfume is riddling. To start us out on the best possible foot, My first poem has an easy solution! Which of you will be the first to guess, I wonder:

I’m not a pentangle. I live in a square

I bubble like golden champagne filled with air,

My obscure beginnings are shrouded in mystery

But that won’t stop people from telling my history.

I fly through the air, I swim with the fishes.

Scientists say I reside in all ditches.

I go everywhere, and all know my fame

therefore I know that you have guessed my name.

I will never die; you keep me alive.

By now you have guessed, I’m ________!

Image of Oedipus and the Sphinx by Gustave Moreau courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.



  1. chanel no. 5?

    based on the shape and color of the stuff plus the rhyme pattern; being a perfume neophyte at best, i don't know that i have ever smelled it!

  2. Chanel 5? :)
    This is going to be so much fun! What a great idea!

  3. Fun game! I actually got this one, but I know you started out very easy. Hope to play again.

  4. LBV,

    Thanks for your comments - finally finished the last photo and added it to the post. On my way to South Africa in a few days. Well, maybe a few photos will get back with me - who knows... if I just get few that would be great - but time will tell... All the best..."Tavarua"

  5. Ha!

    There once was a medievalist in gorges
    Who puzzlement did present to her charges
    She gave them some clues
    But for none was it news
    That the answer is so popular it is flattered by forges

    {ya know...forges is poetic form of "forgeries" ;) }

    I like this feature. :)

  6. Tavarua, Have fun in South Africa. Does that mean you are going to be following the World Cup? Looking forward to seeing the new photos!


    there once was a lady from michigan,
    who to rhyme she did get the itch again;
    She typed out some rhymes,
    and I laughed eight times,
    that lovely artista from Michigan!

  7. if only I could write a rhyme
    a riddle so true and so sublime
    I'd write and write
    and guess in spite
    the answers just in time...

  8. Oh my dear, what an interesting post.

    "I bubble like golden champagne filled with air", I thought yes it must be Chanel no. 5 (believe me, my dear, I didn't cheat)! It's interesting because apparently, Chanel was presented with 10 scents to choose from and she chose this one. Oh my, you've got an expensive taste. This perfume is always been expensive and always will be. Apparently, Catherine Deneuve's favourite. To confess, I do like wearing this cologne because there is something unisex about this scent. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.


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