Friday, May 28, 2010

Samples giveaway at Oh True Apothecary

pineapple gift

A drawing for samples of a brand new scent is going on at the Oh True Apothecary blog. Go check it out.

And don’t forget my giveaway, if you haven’t entered your name yet.


King Charles II, receiving gift of a pineapple from the Royal Gardener, John Rose. Painting, 1675, attributed to Hendrick Danckerts. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

my favorite perfume deals #1-All under $15

florida water Love perfume and want to start a collection of well-composed scents but get sticker shock when you look at the niche prices? Never fear, I am here to provide you with a list of really beautiful fragrances you can find for under 15 dollars a bottle. You can build your collection and still stay within budget.

  • Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel—one of the weirdest men’s fougeres out there. Bitter, harsh, and gorgeous.

  • anything by Pacifica—I love this company, and think almost all of their fragrances are well-done, if a bit short-lived at times, The solid perfumes (usually $8-9 a pop) are great for a base layer to make a sprayed fragrance stick around a bit longer.

  • Priscilla Presley roses and more--  a much more delicate rosy-floral. Ultrafeminine. 

  • jovan musk-- If you like musk, this is for you. A straightforward musk. Gold spice adreat for layering experiments as well 

  • The Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose—I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it now. One of the best rose soliflores out there, and you can get it for pennies.

  • old spice—so cheap, but a lovely classic spice/woods fragrance, worth much more than 8 bucks just from the many compliments you’ll receive from nostalgic women.

  • egyptian goddess—a hippy frag, yes, but what the hell is wrong with that?  floral, powdery, and musky, and like nothing else. One of my close friends wears nothing else, and I swear to God more people notice her scent (and like it) than anyone else I know.

  • tabu—loud, loud, loud, yet somehow compelling. 

  • yardley english lavenderan old fashioned cologne, quite calming and lovely. More fougere than straight lavender scent, with a bit of bitterness. 

  • lanman and kemp florida water—one of the oldest cologne splashes, can be had for 3-4 dollars. Refreshing and clean-smelling, citrus and anise. 
pinaud roman

  • pinaud lilac vegetal—a weird old cologne. It smells a bit like its name, but it is also somewhat protean.

  • pinaud clubman bay rum—a classic bay rum, and everyone should own a bay rum.
This is only a partial list of  good cheap fragrances. I have many more up my sleeve, and I am always searching for good cheap things, being on a grad student’s budget myself. I hope you like them. Also, any suggestions would be super welcome for the next installment. Happy sniffing

florida water ad from wikimedia commons
old spice ad from I Love Retro Things
pinaud ad from the great shaving site Badger and Blade

a quick reminder that my book and fragrance drawing and giveaway is still in full swing. don’t forget to enter your name here if you are interested!

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Florida Water By Lanman Kemp & Barclay - 2 Oz Clubman Pinaud Lilac Vegetal After-Shave Lotion 12 fl oz (355 ml) 


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