Sunday, August 8, 2010

Perfume riddle VIII


Happy Sunday all, and happy riddle day! Here, just flown in, an enigmatic flacon of perfume awaits your sharp brains and swift typing fingers…Who will be the first to guess which bottle wraps her real name in a veil of mystery? I’m on a fairy tale kick right now, so bear with me!

A merry young maid lived in a dark wood,

(with a hey and a ho and a hey nonny no…)

She lived with dwarves; she made them food.

(with a higglety-piggelty pomme-kin)

She was so fair and bright and good,

(With a ….etc.)

she never suffered a petulant mood.

(with a higglety-pigglety etc….)

Only one weakness had she; ‘twas that

she loved to eat sweet fruit low in fat.

A pear and a cherry, an apricot too;

blackcurrants, redcurrants, blueberries blue.

These she loved even more than her life,

and these were her downfall--caused the strife

that rent their little woodland home,

for when this maid was all alone--

the dwarves in the mines--  an old woman came.

She called her sweetly by her name

And held a basket in her hand

filled with the best apples in the land

Apples of yellow and red and green,

the maid trusted the cruel enchantress so mean

and bit through the skin to a miasma so noisome,

she dropped as if dead—she’d eaten me: ___________!

(as I’m away and cannot comment to let you know, I imbedded the maker of this perfume in the labels below…)

drawing: Fernand Khnopff: “Die Sanduhr” Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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