Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a beautiful home

Before I start, a quick reminder that my book and fragrance drawing and giveaway is still in full swing. don’t forget to enter your name here if you are interested!


First, a brief reminder that my book and perfume sample giveaway draw is still open. Every year, at the medieval conference in Kalamazoo, I aIMG_4646ttend a very civilized dinner at the home of a professor emeritus. He and his wife have spent over 50 years perfecting this home, and I think I can say it is one of the best curated, most beautiful homes I have ever had the pleasure to see. Unfortunately, this professor’s wife died suddenly a few years back, and every year since, I have feared  that these polite, delicious dinners, filled with wonderful food and urbane conversation, will come to an end.

SO this yeaIMG_4708r, I documented my favorite parts of the house by taking snapshots. This is not in any way a fragrance post, but it certainly has a lot to do with the art of living an aesthetically full life.

As you can see, the sitting room is very beautiful, the piece de resistance being a hand-painted Chinese screen that hangs above the couch.

IMG_4651 every detail is perfectly curated, including the placement of the bouquets.

IMG_4655 the dining room is equally beautiful. Here, the console surrounded by antique floral prints.

IMG_4661 an assortment of brass and copper implements line the windows of the dining room, reminding me of a Dutch still life

IMG_4657 curtains and flowers.


My favorite room of all may be the kitchen, with its marble counters, hand built shelving, and interesting implements hung on the wall

IMG_4667 IMG_4664 IMG_4699


IMG_4677 the bathroom is also awesome, with green and white wallpaper, white wainscoting, and clean-as-can-be white porcelain.

IMG_4678 IMG_4674  of course, there are Chinese paintings of birds and flowers throughout the house.

IMG_4683 IMG_4676 the landing.

IMG_4686 IMG_4691

some perfect coffee ends a perfect night

IMG_4703 the lovely Russian china is put to bed.

I almost forgot to mention:

IMG_4632 the peerless garden.

IMG_4628 IMG_4641

IMG_4635 IMG_4640

I am afraid my snapshots haven’t done this beautiful home justice, and end up looking like a real estate ad, but I just had to document it anyway. I hope someday I too can create a home as beautiful as this.

here’s wishing you an aesthetically-pleasing day,

-La Bonne Vivante



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