Wednesday, June 2, 2010

please don’t encourage them!


Just another glossy irritation today. I got my copy of American Elle in the mail yesterday, and while browsing it today, I came across another one of those irritating anti-perfume mini perfume articles. You know, the kind of little blurb that starts out looking like it is pro scent, but then just panders to all the scent-haters out there. This one really rubbed me wrong.   I took a pic of the page (136) on the right, but in case  you can’t read it, it says a recent study discovered that the smell of peppermint reduces anxiety (well, that seems pretty obvious to anyone who thinks aromatherapy even kind of works) but then goes on to tell the ‘fragrance-phobic’ that they needn’t worry, since just smelling the mint for a moment had the same effect as sensing it in the air for an extended period of time. (at least I think that’s what the fairly unclear blurb is saying. It could be saying the subjects were detecting trace amounts of peppermint in the air subliminally, so to speak)

This irritates me not only becausIMG_4982e it caters to—and encourages—fragrance haters, and because it is such a silly little study, but because peppermint seems a ridiculous thing to be afraid of, even if you ‘hate’ perfume. I mean, it’s ubiquitous, and in everything, from dish soap to toothpaste. Honestly.

This kind of mindless, knee-jerk fragrance paranoia is really starting to get on my nerves. But some folks are actively reasoning against this kind of thinking—too bad the glossy folks aren’t reading. Here, find a really thoughtful and well-written defense of perfume against the negative news corps by Indieperfumes. I highly recommend it. 


Peppermint photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

and the winner of the Rebecca giveaway is….

The time has come to declare the winner of the book and fragrance giveaway!


I wrote down all your names,


cut them into strips,


put them in a bowl,


went over and bothered my husband, who was busy composing, and a good sport, but obviously slightly irritated at being bothered, had him blindfolded and made him draw out one strip… SO….

The winner is:


Congratulations Gypsy! Email me your address, and I’ll send out the goods posthaste!


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