Saturday, June 12, 2010

fragrances for father: My top ten (right now)


Time to get a present for Dad, and if yours is anything like mine, that is a serious challenge. Most dads don’t want anything you can afford to get them (cars, computers, trips to exotic locales) so you usually flake out and go for the easy options (ties, food, drink, fragrance, books, gift certificates, etc.) Well, this is a fragrance blog, so I can help you with one of those categories. Here are my top ten picks for smells for Dad for this year. Some are pricey, some are cheap, some are in the middle. These are not only some of my favorite masculines, they are also all a little more unique than the ubiquitous Ralph Lauren Polo or Hugo Boss. You can also check out my guidelines for picking out perfumes for mom, but sometimes dads are a little harder to read, and give you less to work with. These are in no particularly significant order, by the way. These are not necessarily my favorite masculines of all time; they are just ones I think most men would not push away in disgust, and might even come to love very deeply, if you’re lucky!

-L’Occitane Cade—The splash, one of my very favorites, appears to be discontinued, alas, but you cna still find very nice shaving toiletries in the wonderful scent.

-Guerlain Vetiver—Like I’ve said before, Merlin would have worn this (and if he did live backwards, as E.B. White tells us, maybe he did..or does!)

-Diptyque Tam Dao-comforting sandalwood and cedar; you can’t go wrong.

-Caron Yatagan—One of my very favorites! this is resinous, dark, piney, super-dry, and extremely distinctive.

-Frederick Malle French Lover—Incredibly well-constructed, complex scent. father

-CB I Hate Perfumes Wild Hunt—the smell of a forest, complete and atavistic.

-Hermes Eau d’orange Vert-one of my favorite citrus splashes. You have to try it—but be warned, it lasts about two milliseconds. It’s a luxurious and emphemerally decadent way to wake oneself up in the morning. 

-Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla- lots of folks love this, even people who don’t like tobacco-based smells, because it is so rich, round, and comforting. Very manly, but the vanilla softens the harsh edges of the cigar/leather accord.

-Bay Rum: every man should own some bay rum aftershave. I recommend Royall Bay Rum, or Burts Bees—which is nice and clovey and rich.

-Geo F. Trumper Royal Fern- A very classic, old-fashioned fougere, smells like money and taste.


OK, I lied. Here are a few more that I love and would recommend, thus spoiling my intended top ten list: Hermès Bel Ami, Dior Bois D’argent, L'Artisan Parfumeur Dzonkha and Tea for Two, Chanel Egoiste,  and CDG Zagorsk,

Anyone else have suggestions for fragrant presents for Dad?


from the Sydney Morning Herald, Vater mit Kind im Publikum by Roger Rössing, compliments of Wikimedia commons,


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