Thursday, August 19, 2010

TOTD: Tamara on lemming

So, the lady Tamara and I have been thinking of splitting some Tauer bottles. This is a difficult proposition because, well, I’ll let Tamara speak for herself:

What's goin’ on with me is that I'm in a torturous state with my perfumania; it is so hard saving for my Tauers.

Like, almost overbearing is my longing to get on to my next fix!

October is far away, I've been saving for a month already,  with no  samples, decants, mini's, nada.* SIGH*

And now with the sale going on at BeautyHabit (25% off till 8/13 type OPRAH at the coupon code box) ha.

I am lemming like crazy! I've gone back and forth , mumbling to myself about "Do I want this? How about this? No don't get anything!"

Like a damn crazy layday.

Here's what I keep obsessing over-

L'Artisan Verte Violette

Parfum Del Rae Mythique

10 Corso Como

and most of all Parfum d Empire! Aaaaggghhh!
Have you heard of this line?

I am wanting Cuir Ottoman (jasmine, iris,resins,leather, benzoin,balsams, incense)

Equistrius (orris, violet, rice powder,chocolate, ambrette,sandalwood, vetiver,grey amber)

and Osmanthus Interdite (green tea, osmanthus,citrus, rose, jasmine,musk and  leather )

Yumyumyumyumyumyumyum. Don't these sound delicious , just the notes alone?

And they all cost me my soul but.....who needs one?

I'm tellin’ yah dearie, I'm about ready to fold,

I am leaning over the edge and toying with idea of jumpin' headlong into my fragrance lust with a smile on my face..

But what of my beloved Tauers??

I'm so unfaithful when it comes to any perfume, Sarah.

What shall I do? I can still save again till Oct. I suppose.

I can just give it up, I have more FB than I really need.

  (we all do, that's not the point!)


I am in need of serious counsel my dear.

And yes I've tried them and gimmegimmegimme :P

Oh this is all just my fumeland life, I have another one entirely and THAT is good.

I guess I have to have some kind of problem around here.



  1. I also enjoy the Parfum D'Empire line. I have samples of Ambre Russe, Cuir Ottoman and Wazamba and they are all good, although I gravitate most to Ambre Russe. Cuir is a good unisex leather though and Wazamba is quite similar to Serge Luten's Fille et Aiguilles. I've tried Equistrius and Iskander on paper only, and they were both quite interesting.

    I ordered samples yesterday for the first time since early May so I know exactly how you feel. Aarrg!

  2. Michael I barely made it through that sale with my life! I'm saving my pretty pennies for some autumn purchases of Tauers (URC and hopefully URV) and it has proven to be the most self -inflicted pain I have ever done to myself. ha.

    I have not tried AR, W, or Iskander just yet. My favorite is still Equistrius.

    When I wore that my husband said "Something smells like wrinkles." with a poopy , sarcastic tone.
    I smiled and just then had the wild urge to spray some more on.
    That's when Equistrius became my favorite!

  3. Mmm I love 10 Corso Como. That's one of my "someday a FB" perfumes. I have a couple of Tauers, and want a couple more.

  4. Kjanicki, I know right?

    10CC is definately something I want to apply lavishly and I can only really do that if I have a FB.

    You did a wonderful review of URV BTW and I can't wait to try it! If I love it the way I love URC than they both will be mine in Oct.


  5. Hey Tamara :-)
    I understand your feelings. :-) Verte Violette is one of my best perfumes, and DelMar's Mythique is the best of DelMar IMO. 10 Corso Como is adorable, but not something to die for. Fortunately, I don't like Tauer's fragrances, and my wallet is just happy about that. :-))))


  6. Of course DelRae, not DelMar....sorry. :-))))


  7. Hi Sandy!

    Yes I love Verte Violette!
    I know it has a reputation for not lasting but it does on me, I put it on before bed and anytime I want to feel comforted. Mythique is along the same vein because it's light and quiet but it is not my favorite DelRae, that honor goes to Amoureuse. :)
    And 10CC develops on me like the best skin scent!

    Yes good for your wallet about the Tauers!
    I only fell for URC so far, it's FB love all the way! I'm waiting for the bigger bottles in Oct.



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