Friday, August 13, 2010

TOTD: Tamara on comfort scents

File:Fred Barnard11.jpgAll the samples I ever buy are usually 1.5 ml to 2.5 ml. All because I need to be able to spray them to get a real sense of what it is, that I simply cannot get from merely dabbing. It's a divine but horribly expensive habit! Especially if I end up not liking them. (sigh............)

But can I tell you about what I LOVE (yes I'm shouting in caps) I fell in desperate love with two comfort beauties this weekend, Sarah. And really I blame this wretched weather we've been having. Because all I want is for summer to kiss my face and warm my skin, but I'm inside sniffing and bemoaning the rain. And in the beginning of my perfumista journey I never liked "sweet" or comforting smells.

But as it happened almost 7 yrs. ago I had my youngest daughter Olivia and lo and behold I could handle them--I craved them. She made me sweet. Aww. Ha! And that's saying something, having four daughters!

I need strength in my scents but also, as it turns out, comfort.


Anyways it's Alahine by Teo Cabanel and Opal by Sonama Scent Studio. Alahine is a gorgeous oriental amber that whirls and twirls all the way to the end of our time together and  that speaks to me and whispers "Full bottle worthy Tamara? Do you want me to be yours?" and I say "You will be mine." It's that beautiful. But a total winter scent I think. And I can't get it any time soon so my decant will have to do for now.

The other desire in this bizarre love triangle is a soft powdery lil' skin scent of a thing but Opal is perfect in its smallness and lasts like crazy.

It's simple musk and sweet  vanilla without being foody with a yummy sandalwood  and I want it even more because Laurie isn't making it these days for she is reformulating it! Gasp! Sarah what if she tweaks it so much it's changed? I'll be heartbroken. My comfort powder (power) is in the decant I hold and I hope the full bottle can come home to me soon.

CREDITS: one of my favorite Sargent paintings, "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose" (Fred Barnard's daughters Polly aged 7, and Dolly aged 11), Oil on canvas, 68 1/2 x 60 1/2 inches (174x154cm), Tate Gallery, London.  Courtesy of


  1. Oh no!! Why would she reformulate it?? I love Opal

  2. Hi Stefanie, on her blog Perfume in progress she wrote-
    "I apologize that Opal is out of stock for a while. I’m having an issue with an ingredient and may need to reformulate, but I won’t have time to dig into that project until I finish ET and BB."
    And to me on FB when I asked about it she said " Hi Tamara! I've not had time to start working on the reformulation yet, but I will get to that soon. Then I'll need to send out a few tester samples to be sure it's good for those who loved the original. It won't be identical, but I want to keep it a cozy vanilla/musk/sandalwood with hint of citrus."

    I'm a lil' scared too but I'm sure Laurie will do her very best to keep it as precious as it already was. I love me some Opal!

  3. I love Sargent too.

    I treid to order Opal last year and she was out of it, so I've enver tried it, I hope I can when she reformulates it.

    Alahine is comforting isn't it! I can't wait for fall, because I think it will be even better with a bite and dry leaves in the wind.

  4. Hi Kjanicki,

    Well when Laurie does put it back up be sure to try this time around. I have been waiting ever so patiently myself but it's rather hard.

    Yes! Alahine is very soothing and special, I love her dearly. I never thought I'd say this because I don't like winter weather but I am almost looking forward to fall too just so I can wear her again. ;)


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