Sunday, August 15, 2010

perfume riddle IX


Greetings once again, and it’s time for another perfume riddle. The gods have decreed it. Prepare yourselves, and make way for yon riddling perfume bottle, come from on high to challenge your wits. Which heroic reader will throw down the gauntlet and guess, at her peril?

what I am I will not tell,

for if you do not know me well,

you cannot guess, and that is good

for I’m obscure. I’m partly food,

brilliant, luscious and so sweet,

the red topping on an ice cream treat.

Then tobacco, smokey, round,

and almond, bitter and profound.

My name is made of classical references,

Latin, Greek, whatever your preference is.

I struggle and emerge victorious,

Name my name; I am notorious.


Since I am away on vacation, I cannot tell you if you’re right, so I embedded the house name in the labels below

CREDITS: Darius’s sphynx, currently in the Louvre. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Luctor et Emergo! (By People of the Labyrinths!) It has to be...the references to cherry, to Latin and Greek - 'luctor et emergo' - 'I struggle and I emerge', the labyrinth...

    Did I get it all wrong?

  2. Wow That is a great riddle I've ever read about this perfume. Thanks for the read!

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