Saturday, July 17, 2010

perfume riddle V


Behold, a venerable and dangerous bottle of perfume is riddling. Who will be the first to name her true name?

You should search for me in your dreams:

Morpheus is my father, he who pushes at the seams

of your consciousness when you are asleep

or perhaps when you’re under my red sway so deep.

Sunk in your couch, or on a Chinese bed

while visions of courtesans dance through your head,

inhale me and transport yourself to a land

where the texture of silk brocade smooth on your hand

Reassures you when you feel you’ve flown too far

on the wings of my namesake, floral bliss in a jar;

remember the poppies that made me, the resin

so sticky and black and heavy as Heaven

and know me, for I am more than iconic

the scent of the 70’s,  I know its ironic,

for nobody used me all that much,

they’d all moved on to a heavier touch

but I represented a golden time long gone by

when respectable gents visited dens to get high

and lounged in a state of bespoke tedium.

You know my name, say it; it is _________!


  1. Opium. Or heroin, it rhymes too . . . sort'a :)

  2. Opium.
    This is fun...I am rediscovering perfume thanks to you..and remembering all the pleasure that finding something new used to give me.
    Thank you.

  3. I should've copy-edited this one a bit more...


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