Friday, July 2, 2010

perfume riddle 3

440px-IngresOdipusAndSphinx Welcome to another installment in my new feature here on Hortus Conclusus, in which a perfume bottle sings a little riddle, and it’s up to you, dear readers, to guess which bottle of perfume is riddling. Which of you will be the first to guess this one, I wonder:

There once was a girl from the boonies

whose antics were often quite loony.

and then she made me

so others could see

taste as childish as the Goonies’

A perfume she made with vanilla

and sugar—it was somewhat Godzilla.

By that I mean hairy;

I’m so sweet it’s scary,

SO if I’m a dream, I’m a killah.

For reverie is what I’m named after,

but you may receive this with laughter,

for I come in a bag

with a confederate flag

and sequins that look even dafter.

The girl who named me is not named Candy

Or Cindy or Jessie or Mandy

but she became famous,

then married an anus

have you guessed my name? it’s : _______!


Ingres’ Oedipus and the Sphinx courtesy of Wikimedia Commons




  1. Oh, you got me with this one. :( Britney? Christina? I have no idea what their perfumes are named or even how they smell. :)

  2. Ines, I think you should pat yourself on the back for not knowing this one!

    I had a little trouble with the versification, and the final rhyme doesn't quite work, but hopefully someone can guess it...

    hint: she later divorced the 'anus'
    (sorry bout the bad language BTW)

  3. It's Britney B*#@#.

    Right? You didn't mention a meltdown with a shaved head but you had me at boonies
    and anus was funny!

    You made me snort my coffee with your language.


    Your so cute for apologizing. :)

  4. yup: Britney Spears' Fantasy-- I figure if I make someone snort coffee at least once a week, my work here is done ;-)

    Have a great Fourth!


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