Friday, July 16, 2010

L’Heure Bleue Twitterpation: TOTD

File:Vasnetsov Snegurochka.jpgL' Heure Bleue.

I am twitterpated by her pensive softness. She is lovely and melancholy and I want to give her a home right by the fire come late fall.

Everything about this scent is perfect. I know some people can't handle what they perceive as "G'ma's here!"

But I am enamored by the spicy carnation, fluffy violet and creamy rose and tuberose. And the drydown is what I crave the most.

I know she stands for the The Blue Hour in twilight and I get that but for me she fits right in with my tender dreams of spring on a brutal, grey /blue day in the heart of winter when each afternoon bleeds into the next with no change in sight.

We can console each other till the dawn....

Aaagghhh there I go again, waxin poetic to yah!

Fragrance gets that outta me everytime.

Written by Tamara


Viktor Vasnetsov, “Snow Maiden,” 1899, in Tretyakov Gallery, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


  1. Awww, that's how I feel about her, too! A very beautifully written homage indeed.

  2. Lovely ode to a lovely perfume, Tamara! (Gorgeous graphic as well!)

  3. very lovely post, but the perfume is a scrubber for me! ;)

  4. Diana ~ I love your blog and your sensibilities!
    Thank you!
    I know you adore vanilla too and in the end, as I told my friend and PPP Julie "If you haven't tried L'Heure Bleue yet, try the edp and get ready to love it.
    I guess the opening of it is somewhat medicinal but I don't get that all too much, it's just a cold sweetness, like a clove, vanilla milkshake with flowers for added creaminess, it's divine! I'm so glad I can appreciate it's strange beauty."

    She said I made her drool like Homer Simpson.

    Olenska ~ Thank you so much,when we love the fume' the words just flow forth. ;) L'HB is definately worthy! Cannot take credit for the graphic though, that's LBV. She has such taste with the pics she uses.

    Bloody Frida, Thank you! Ahaaha! ;P Sorry about the scrub factor, I know what you mean though, Shalimar just about does me in( I feel it in the back of my throat just writing it) as does Nahema and I tried to love them as well.

    But in the end I admitted defeat and walked off hand in hand with L'HB.

  5. Lovely post. I love L'Huere Bleue. I find it an intoxicating perfume, not so much in its actual notes, but the mood it creates in me. I find it in a strange way to be both uplifting and melancholy. Possibly my favourite of the Guerlains. I tried the parfum for the first time a few days ago and it was achingly beautiful.

  6. Michael, I dig that you love L'HB. I appreciate that. This perfume does that to me too, I feel wistful and also comforted by it. You have tried the parfum?! Aaaggghhh I have been meaning to do that too but afraid I won't be satisfied with the edp any longer if I do.

    I read your blog and tried to leave you a comment and found I couldn't because I don't have a Google account or some such nonsense.
    I hate that! Well keep up your blog, it's in my favorites. :)

  7. Yay Tamara! Such awesome words for an awesome fragrance, one of my favorites as well! I Love having you on here!


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