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perfume cure for impotence

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shah abbas You know I love Persia. Here in the classic erotic handbook The Perfumed Garden, find a fragrant cure for impotence. I imagine drinking such perfume might make anyone feel in the mood, provided he doesn’t get a bellyache…

“Undoing of Aiguillettes (Impotence for a Time)

Know, O Vizir (God be good to you!), that impotence arises from three causes:

Firstly, from the tying of aiguillettes.

Secondly, from a feeble and relaxed constitution.

And thirdly, from too premature ejaculation.

To cure the tying of aiguillettes you must take galanga, cinnamon from Mecca, cloves, Indian cachou, nutmeg, Indian cubebs, sparrowwort, cinnamon, Persian pepper, Indian thistle, cardamoms, pyrether, laurel seed, and gilly flowers. All these ingredients must be pounded together carefully, and one drinks of it as much as one can, morning and night, in broth, particularly in pigeon broth; fowl broth may, however, be substituted just as well. Water is to be drunk before and after taking It. The compound may likewise be taken with honey, which is the best method, and gives the best results.

The man whose ejaculation is too precipitate must take nutmeg and incense (oliban) mixed together with honey.

If the impotence arises from weakness, the following ingredients are to be taken in honey: viz., pyrether, nettleseed, a little spurge (or cevadille), ginger, cinnamon of Mecca, and cardamom. This preparation will cause the weakness to disappear and effect the cure, with the Silsilat_al_Dhahhab_1587permission of God the Highest!

I can warrant the efficacy of all these preparations, the virtue of which has been tested.”

Tested indeed! My goodness!

and here is a prescription for ‘strengthening one’s member.’ I wonder If the rubbing in is what does it, not medicine, but then, I’m a cynic… :

“A man, therefore, with a small member, who wants to make it grand or fortify it for the coitus, must rub it before copulation with tepid water, until it gets red and extended by the blood flowing into it, in consequence of the heat; he must then anoint it with a mixture of honey and ginger, rubbing it in sedulously. Then let him join the woman; he will procure for her such pleasure that she objects to him getting off her again.

Another remedy consists in a compound made of a moderate quantity of pepper, lave348px-MakhanEmbracedByAnEfreetinder, galanga, and musk, reduced to powder, sifted, and mixed up with honey and preserved ginger. The member after having been first washed in warm water, is then vigorously rubbed with the mixture; it will then grow large and brawny, and afford to the woman a marvellous feeling of voluptuousness.

A third remedy is the following: wash the member in water until it becomes red, and enters into erection. Then take a piece of soft leather, upon which spread hot pitch, and envelop the member with it. It will not be long before the member raises its head, trembling with passion. The leather is to be left on until the pitch grows cold, and the member is again in a state of repose. This operation, several times repeated, will have the effect of making the member strong and thick.

A fourth remedy is based upon the use made of leeches, but only of such as live in water (sic), You  put as many of them into a bottle as can be got in, and fill it up with oil Then expose the bottle to the sun, until the heat of the same has effected a complete mixture. With the fluid thus obtained the member is to be rubbed several consecutive days, and It will, by being thus treated, become of a good size and of full dimensions.”

I am not so sure about remedies no.’s three and four. These sound respectively tortuous and repulsive.




Cited text from Richard Burton’s translation of The perfumed Garden, online at

Persian paintings of “shah abbas and wine boy,” “silsat al dahhab,”and “makhan embraced by ifrit” courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Sir Richard Francis Burton a great man and explorer...
    Anyways, Thank you for your kind comments and Friends would be very nice......

  2. ...and perhaps a bit of a cad, but, oh well, you can't be everything! He was a pretty good linguist, though.

    Yours, LBV

  3. LBV,

    Thank you for your kind comments......Well, all those books are not written by family members (smile)...

    Sorry, no cello photos..anytime you want to use some photos you are more than welcome.

  4. Too bad.

    Oh you mysterious, riddling creature!!! you and your books, too ;-)

  5. Well, I am a poor writer so I doubt I will ever write something...I guess I just observe life ...

  6. NONSENSE! You clearly record life as well--just with pictures, not words. You are not just a passive observer.

  7. You have...Fire....Passion...strong artistic mind....non conforming...Great...and definitely a the Zebra post is for you..."Silence will Speak"...

  8. First off--so to speak--I had fun. Thanks.

    Second, I drink tea that has thistle in it to "detox." Perhaps there is some misdirection here?

    Third, I initially laughed at the line "he will procure for her such pleasure that she objects to him getting off her again," and then I thought, hey, wait a minute...

    Fourth, leeches. Blergh.


  9. LOL Scentshelf. No, LMAO would be a better acronym to describe my feelings.

    to 3: poor girl. right?
    to 4: I know. so. gross.
    to 2: enjoy that thistle tea (smiles knowingly...)

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