Monday, June 28, 2010

Electrical Storm: (notes from my lunar insomnia)

800px-Thunderstorm_-_NOAA Last night, we had a thunderstorm here like you wouldn’t believe, and because It’s still a full moon, for all intents and purposes, I passed a very sleepless night. The sky cracked with energy and moisture as I lay awake in our hot, hot muggy room, both of us naked with the sheets thrown completely off. Finally, unable to lie alone with my thoughts any longer, I got up and went to the couch to read. I spritzed on some Dzonkha, and the dry smoke/cardamom/incense/and dirt, my cat Oliver, and I all sat down together, waiting for the storm to break…..

U2’s song “Electrical Storm” kept spinning through my tired head:

The sea is swells like a sore head
and the night it is aching
Two lovers lie with no sheets on their bed
and the day it is breaking
On rainy days we go swimming out
on rainy days, swimming in the sound
On rainy days we go swimming out

You're in my mind all of the time
I know that's not enough
if the sky can crack
there must be some way back
for love and only love
It's hot as hell, honey in this room
sure hope the weather will break soon
the air is heavy, heavy as a truck
hope the rain will wash away our bad luck

I like U2 sometimes; sometimes Bono’s Napoleonic antics irritate the hell out of me, but I can’t think of a better song for such a sleepless night charged with the universe’s angry energy.


I always thought the thunder god must be a lonely man, throwing around those thunderbolts in his bootless rage….


MY hometown was hit by a massive tornado a few days ago—I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. I feel very grateful that my family lives on the other side of town.


There is no sense of danger more elemental, no fear more atavistic, than that called forth by an angry sky, nature’s most horrifying sign.  

CREDITS: Image of thunderstorm from

Goyen’s “The Thunderstorm” courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


  1. I'm so glad your family was not affected in a unfortunate way from the tornado.
    Hell yeah storms and the like are scary and when the thunder is rolling and the lightening strikes that's when you really start to understand nature's power over us.
    When the high winds press on my lil' 110 yr. old home I wonder if it will just blow it down one day.
    Oh and I may be perverted but I liked the the part where you and yo hubby lay nakey in your steamy muggy room. Funny how sex is the furthest thing from your mind when your that hot! ahah! ;0)
    And you make me wanna try Dzonkha, I never have, I know it's out there but have never tried it.
    Must remedy this soon.
    Hope the weather gives you a break and send some of it my way please.
    It has yet to feel like summer here..

    <3<3 T

  2. No summer yet there, still? You poor thing. You can certainly have some of ours.

    I like that you liked that totally sexless naked room scene. You are so right about that.

    I think you'd like Dzonkha--will send you a sample..

  3. No not yet, at least not the way I wish summer to be :P
    Aha , I was hoping you wouldn't get offended me mentioning that.
    It is never on the agenda when it's that muggy :D
    Too slimy! hah.
    You will????? Oh you sweet thang<3
    Am waiting to send yours soon,
    is it time , can I?


    ~ T

  4. Oh, it's time! And you'd have to work pretty hard to offend me.....

  5. i'm so glad that your dear ones weren't affected. when i was younger i was absolutely terrified of storms. happily, i'm beyond that stage now. i do appreciate the power and beauty of a good electrical storm, though i must admit that i still eye the heavens warily. i justify it with the knowledge that sky watching is a birthright of every minnesotan; we can all identify the sickly green hue that hangs on the undersides of the clouds before a really nasty storm. even though i've been away for ten years, i still dream in that shade of green; one of my recurring nightmares involves watching multiple funnel clouds touch ground, immediately blackening as they inhale all the debris on the ground. i'm glad you had good company through the storm; here's hoping there's a good one when i am home!

  6. p.s. love the images accompanying this one. some of my very favorite paintings involve dramatic storms: caspar friedrich's "monk by the sea," jmw turner's "snow storm: hannibal crossing the alps," etc... i think i am a closet romantic. ;)

  7. OH that green color. I remember it. NEVER hope for a storm though, my dear, especially in these globally-warmed days, and especially with your wedding coming up!

    I love storm paintings too...there's one of jesus on the water--medieval. I'm gonna find it now and post it....


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